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Anchors Away

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As children, most of us were taught that negative behavior led to punishments which led to feeling bad and conversely positive behavior was rewarded with praise which led to feeling good.  An example of this is good grades = parents pride = pride in oneself.  The lessons are simple and obvious… good work equals good
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March Workout of the Month

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To be done 1-2 times each week in March. Always foam roll and stretch before and after your workouts! – 6 minutes on the treadmill at a 0 incline and as fast as you can run. – 6 minutes on the elliptical at the highest incline you can maintain, with a resistance between 4 and
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You step on the treadmill and slowly increase the speed as you begin to break a sweat, your heart rate increases with every step and you start to breathe heavily.  Each step that you take brings you one step closer to a lean, toned and healthier body. What could possibly be wrong with this form
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Proactive vs. Reactive

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Losing weight is impossible without a proper diet.  As the day goes on we forget about food until we are hungry.  By the time you are hungry, your body has changed from an anabolic state (building muscle and burning fat) to a catabolic state (storing fat and losing muscle).  Waiting to eat until you are
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