Proactive vs. Reactive

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Losing weight is impossible without a proper diet.  As the day goes on we forget about food until we are hungry.  By the time you are hungry, your body has changed from an anabolic state (building muscle and burning fat) to a catabolic state (storing fat and losing muscle).  Waiting to eat until you are hungry is like waiting until your car runs out of gas to fill it up.

When clients hit a plateau, we first examine their diet by having them write down everything they eat.  Almost everyone will begin losing weight simply by recording their daily food intake because they are now being held accountable.  After we get an idea of everything being consumed then we can make appropriate modifications to the clients’ diet.

The best time to write down what you eat is before you eat (not at the end of the day).  This is the difference between being proactive as opposed to reactive.  Those that are the most successful are able to record what they are going to eat at the beginning of the day and simply stick to that day’s plan.  Obviously no one expects you to know every meal that you are going to eat every day, but you should have a good idea about when and what you are going to eat.  This eliminates last minute, bad decisions.

My most successful clients cook their meals is advance.  This eliminates those last minute dashes to the drive through of some fast food place.  Simply make a few well-balanced meals at home and the days that you are busy bring them with you to work, school, etc.  Now you are ready for your busy day and your busy life!

Remember that failing to plan is planning to fail.  If you do not have a game plan to achieve your fitness goals then you are just hoping that success happens and success never occurs by accident.

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