February Workout of the Month

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Always foam roll and stretch before and after your workouts.

To be done 1-2 times each week in February.

– 8-15 minutes of Cardio on Equipment of your choosing (or Outdoors)

3-5 Sets Of Each Exercise: (All Can Be Done On The Floor Without Bosu)
– 20 Each Foot Mock Tire Run
– 20 Each Leg Bosu Running Mountain Climbers
– 20 Bosu Squat Hops
– 20 Bosu Army Crawls

3 Sets Of Each Exercise: (Barbell Weight Should Be Light For Good Mornings)
– 10 Each Arm Overhead Kettlebell Squats (Beginner Option — No Weights)
– 15 Barbell Push Presses (Beginner Option — Dumbbells)
– 10 Each Leg/Arm Kettlebell Lunges (Beginner Option — No Weights)
– 15 Barbell Romanian Deadlifts w/ Overhand Wide Back Row (Beginner Option – Dumbbells)
– 15 Good Mornings (Beginner Option — PVC Or No Weight)

If you have any questions or would like further modifications, please remind me during your session.

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