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You step on the treadmill and slowly increase the speed as you begin to break a sweat, your heart rate increases with every step and you start to breathe heavily.  Each step that you take brings you one step closer to a lean, toned and healthier body. What could possibly be wrong with this form of cardio?  Unless you have joint issues then I would say nothing… but most of us spend our time doing a very different type of running.

In training, motion is created when internal force becomes greater than external load.  When it comes to motivation, motion is created when the pain of being where you are outweighs the pain of changing. For so many people in the gym that pain is hidden.  They spend the vast majority of their lives running from that pain.  They push it out of their minds.  They convince themselves that they do not enjoy physical activities such as hiking, walking, bike riding, swimming or even just playing with their kids or grandkids. They convince themselves that their life would not be that different if they had achieved all of their fitness goals.  Eating right, exercising on a regular basis and living a healthy lifestyle is a solution for a majority of the overweight and obese US population.  It is estimated that 110,000 to 365,000 of this overweight and obese population will die this year due to weight-related diseases.  I have to believe that if they knew about and acknowledged the pain of being overweight or obese that they would have been more than motivated to do something about it – something to prevent their loved ones from the pain of losing them.

However, it comes down to more than just the pain of having to confront an early death.  There are many things that we all ignore.  It could be something as simple as not getting around as easily as you once did, aging faster than you need to, not feeling comfortable in your clothes, feeling unattractive to your spouse, or even missing out on a sport that you once loved.  Many times we ignore these pains because we’ve been running away for too long.

Think back to when you were younger.  Now ask yourself what it would be like for the younger version of you to live in your current body.  Would the younger you say that you were lacking energy?  Uncomfortable?  Lacking endurance?  Would the younger you feel joint pain?  Would you experience shortness of breath?  Would you be surprised at the number of medications that you have to take?  Would the younger you feel pain as a result of experiencing what it is like to be you for just one day?  Often these pains become normal to us.  We accumulate these problems over time and eventually they become part of life… a “norm”.  Understanding and confronting these pains will create an environment that forces change.  Remember that when the pain of being where you are outweighs the pain of what it takes to change, we all change 100% of the time.  To ignore the problem is to ignore the solution.  If you create a solution without first completely understanding the extent of the problem you will fall short of your goal every time.  Motivation will decline as the pain of changing becomes greater than the pain of being where you are.

Spend some time and imagine yourself as a younger you.  Write down the pains that the younger you has experienced.  Dig deeper to truly understand the extent of the problem that is causing your pain.

Now write down what it would be like to be who and where you want to be.

The following are some examples.


Joint problems

Shortened life span

Feel uncomfortable

Lack confidence in my appearance

Lack energy

Feel depressed

Feel like people are looking at me

Getting passed up for job opportunities


Pleasure – who you want to be:

No more joint pain

Reduced medications

Feel comfortable

Feel confident

Feel energetic

Longer, healthier life

Feel like people are looking at me (for the right reasons)

Feel happier

Before beginning any journey we must first understand where we are and where we are going, then we must understand what it will take to get there.  Take the time to completely understand where you are.  This will keep you motivated and keep you running on the treadmill instead of running from the pain.  By acknowledging pain, we can create a game plan to overcome that pain. By ignoring it, you will assure that the pain continues to grow.




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