Personalized Fitness Program (PFP)

For Advanced and self-motivated clients looking for a fitness program to increase athletic performance, lose weight, build muscle or relieve back pain due to core weakness 

CUSTOM TAILORED PLAN is given to clients to perform ON THEIR OWN at a gym of their choosing…this workout will be designed specific per your individual needs and goals

Personalized Fitness Program Includes:

1. Warm-up

2. Exercise Program

3. Cool down/Stretches

Options include:

A. One monthly measurement – weight & body fat percentage (at my gym)

B. One monthly form & technique assistance (at my gym)

C. One weekly phone call to discuss fitness program & weekly program changes/updates

Monthly Cost:

Level 1 – $300
Includes options A, B, &  C

Level 2 – $250
Includes options A & B

Level 3 – $200
Includes option C

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